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Submersible Well Pumps


Sunco Pump & Well Drilling Inc. in Sabattus, Maine, offers expert services using quality products, including submersible well pump systems and jet pumps. We also welcome you to browse through the products available in our showroom.

Goulds Water Systems

More than 150 years ago in Seneca Falls, New York, the Gould casted the world's first all-metal pump. This was a major step in building a business that would grow into one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world. Today, the company houses more than 5,000 employees and completes business in more than 100 countries.

Franklin Products

Long recognized as the world's largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors, Franklin Electric has leveraged its expertise in motor applications to grow and serve several different markets. The principal application for the products is to provide clean water pumping systems, including sump pumps, motors, drives, and controls for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial installations.

Balanced Flow Systems

Let the experienced crew from our well drilling company install your balanced flow system, which automatically adjusts to the water demand within the pump's capacity. For example, when one faucet is in use, there's no change in the water flow when a second outlet is opened.

Better Than Traditional

Unlike larger sump pumps, these water flow systems can be easily installed in numerous locations. As an added bonus, the self-contained units do not require a separate tank and have exclusive air handling abilities.

After the initial prime, your new water flow system never requires another prime, even if the water level drops below the end of the suction pipe. This makes it perfect for homes of all types, including mobile homes and camps.

Shallow Well Jet Pump

In addition to balanced water flow systems, Sunco Pump & Well Drilling Inc. installs shallow well jet pumps, which have a heavy-duty butyl diaphragm and rigid polypropylene liner. These systems are made with all stainless steel connections, a two-coat high-performance exterior finish, and heavy-duty polypropylene base, which eliminate corrosion.
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